When To Walk And Issues You Can Ignore

Dated: November 9 2020

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Looking for a new home is exciting. Many buyers envision getting the home of their dreams, moving right in, and unpacking in bliss. But, that’s not always reality.

Finding the right home is a balance of seeking out the most important features for your lifestyle, knowing what details to overlook, and understanding when to walk away.

Keep reading for some tips on what can be ignored and what’s a total dealbreaker. 

Issues You Can Ignore

Many buyers want a move-in ready home. Keep in mind that unless you are customizing a new build, it’s unlikely you won’t want to make any changes after you move into a new home. Below are some cosmetic issues that turn people off, even though they have simple solutions.

Unappealing Paint or Wallpaper

We’ve walked through homes featuring paint of just about every color. If the paint color or wallpaper is throwing you off, do your best to focus on the rest of the home. While it may take some work to repaint or take down wallpaper, it’s a relatively easy fix. 

Outdated Cabinets

Outdated cabinets can make an entire kitchen look old. If you dream of updating the kitchen, but won’t have the budget for a couple of years, you can still create a fresh look with cabinet refacing to make the old look new again. 

Window Treatments

Whether it’s the trim around the windows or curtains that you can’t stand, this is another easy fix. You’ll be surprised how much a simple change in window treatments can brighten up an entire space!


Replacing carpet or installing hardwood floors doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. With countless flooring options, you can easily find something you love, and since it generally only takes a week to complete, you can have it installed before you move in. 

When To Walk Away

Some problems or solutions can easily be resolved, even if you have to save up for a year or two before making upgrades. But there are other factors that either can’t be altered or aren’t worth the effort. Here are a few conditions you should seriously consider before you sign a deal.  


Some buyers make the mistake of falling in love with everything about a property - except the location. Keep in mind you can change just about anything about a home with updates and renovations, but you can’t change where it’s located. You know the real estate saying: ‘Location, location, location!’ A great location will benefit you while you live there and make it easier should you decide to sell down the road. 

Floor Plan

Another major consideration is the overall floor plan of the home. Once you create your must-haves list, use that to determine if the home you are looking at meets your needs. If you need three bedrooms, and there’s only two at a property, the home won’t meet your needs long-term - no matter how beautiful it is. 

Major Inspection Issues

If you find out there are major structural, electrical, plumbing, or mold issues during the inspection, take some time to reconsider. How much will it cost to fix the problems? Will all the issues be resolved? Is the seller willing to fix or pay for any problems? If the issue is big enough, it’s time to put your efforts back into the home search. 

A knowledgeable real estate agent can guide you through the entire process of buying a home, and shine light on any factors you may forget to consider. If you are ready to start your home search, contact us today!

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